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About Us

Established in 1994, the ministry called Blue Water Counseling, LLC seeks to provide information, guidance, support and unconditional positive regard to those struggling with their personal storms at sea.

Dr. Timothy L. Holland

Licensed Professional Counselor, South Carolina & North Carolina

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, South Carolina

Ordained Minister, PCUSA

People often would rather go about anywhere than to a counselor's office. They may do so as a last resort, feeling weak and ashamed...

but the strongest thing you can do may be to admit weakness...the wisest thing may be to disclose confusion...the smartest thing may be to own up to and begin correcting misguided choices.


Individual Psychotherapy

Having a chance to talk things out can be incredibly helpful, especially  in a setting where confidentiality is strictly observed with a professional therapist trained in empathetic listening, family system dynamics and cognitive/behavioral intervention. 

Couples and Family Therapy

Respectful communication is a casualty in relationships when familiarity and conflict have bred contempt. Therapy can help restore civility and foster a process of healing.

Pastoral Counseling

The spiritual dimension deserves everyone's best attention and energy.  Client-initiated exploration seems to be the most helpful approach in this area. 

Adjunctive Services

Adjunctive services include drug and alcohol abuse assessment and counseling, critical incident stress debriefing, instruction in the skills of mindfulness and hypnotherapy. 


Sessions typically last 45 to 50 minutes and can vary in cost.  You may owe only your insurance policy's specified office visit copay.  Or you may be responsible for an amount ranging up to the full fee of $115.00. This is determined case by case.  

It is customary to pay professional fees at the time services are rendered.

Cash, checks and major credit/debit cards are accepted at Blue Water Counseling, LLC. 

While there may be no guarantees in therapy, you are encouraged to compare the cost of obtaining it when it is needed with that of failing to do so. Generally, the latter turns out more expensive.

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The first session is when therapist and client(s) get to know each other -- and find out if there seems to be a "therapeutic alliance."  It's an experiment for both parties.  Ready to schedule it? 

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